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Posted on: April 15, 2010

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been gone. For a while. I just seemed to lose my muse for a while. Not really sure why. Anyway, now I’m back with a vengeance! LOL

It seems like everywhere I turn lately, there are examples of fat prejudice and it pisses me off! A prime example, “Greasy Bear” (Brandon Davis) tweeting that his ex, Mischa Barton is now “the fattest person on the planet!” Now, to be totally fair here, Mr. Bear claims that it was a false account and HE wasn’t the one that posted those hateful comments. BUT! Paris Hilton (who’s Twitter account is confirmed as being real and is a friend of “Greasy Bear”) claimed at one point that it WAS real, AND given his penchant for nasty comments about people (women in particular), and the fact that those tweets were deleted from the “fake” account, I just don’t know whether I believe him or not. Something definitely smells rotten in Denmark, yanno? I don’t know if it really is his account or not, and really his tweets are just a jumping off point for this post anyway.

So. Waif-thin Mischa Barton has turned into “Mischa the Hefer…” I don’t see it. Seriously, she doesn’t look fat to me. A little “thicker” than she was before, yeah; but as thin as she was, she had room to gain without being anywhere near overweight. If you google “Mischa Barton fat,” you get one or two pictures of her looking a little less-than-reed-thin when compared to her OC days, but the vast majority of the pictures are of her looking pretty much as thin as ever and are concentrating on the cellulite on her thighs. As if a little cellulite is some sort of crime! Please! If that’s the case, 90% of the women in America, including some of the “normal weight” and “underweight” women, are guilty. Sheesh. Does NOBODY remember the pictures of size-2 Jennifer Love Hewitt with cellulite?

Does Ms. Barton NOT deserve a break from the killer weight-loss-diet-and-exercise routine she must have maintained when she was starring in The OC? If she’s not working RIGHT NOW, or preparing for a role, do we really have ANY right to criticize her for “letting herself go?” Of course, I don’t think we have any right to criticize anyone’s body. It’s their body. If they don’t want to starve themselves thin, it’s up to them. And yes, IMHO, that includes those that have chosen careers in the public eye!! I don’t care if it is Britney SpearsJessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Mischa Barton, Kirsty Alley, or Oprah. Even Brandon Davis! I don’t care who it is, if you look, you can find less-than-flattering pictures of every celebrity out there!


The lovely Kate Harding, of Shapely Prose, introduced me to baby-flavored doughnuts, and ever since I find doughnut references EVERYWHERE!  “c) 

The video below is a little over a minute long promo for Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance with Mo and the girls singing about doughnuts.  LOL  Too much fun!

Another video from Mo’Nique, this one on F.A.T. cheerleaders:  “…whatever you want to do, you can.  You want to cheer?  Thrown on your little skirt and your pom-poms and cheer to the top of your voice!”

Damn! but I love that woman!

I guess what they say is true:  Only the good die young.

Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment this past Tuesday.  Apparently, his housekeeper had let herself in and begun cleaning after hearing Ledger snoring from his bedroom.  I guess his still being in bed when she got there wasn’t abnormal.  I can only imagine her horror at finding out later that Ledger had been laying there dying while she went about her routine in the next room. 

While there were prescription drugs present in the apartment and a rolled-up $20 bill, there were no illegal drugs found and tests showed no drug residue on the bill.

I guess we’ll know more in a few weeks when the toxicology reports come back to the Medical Examiner. 

There are conflicting reports about what Ledger’s mental health was like during his last weeks.  His family, of course, says that this has to be an accidental death, that Ledger would never have committed suicide.  Other reports are that Michelle Williams, Ledger’s ex-girlfriend and mother to his daughter, was worried about Ledger.

And of course, the scavengers were getting their bit *immediately* after his death.  Papparazzi were so prevelant at his SoHo apartment by the time his body was removed that police had put up barricades to keep them back.  Now, the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, classified as a hate group and monitored by the Anti-Defamation League, is planning to picket memorial services for Ledger in the U.S.  This is the same group that has been picketing the funerals of soldiers that died in Iraq folks!  I won’t give those idiots any more mention than that. 

Rest in peace, Heath Ledger.  You were a talented actor, a gentle soul, and will be greatly missed.


To the surprise of nobody except maybe the tabloids, Britney Spears has apparantely lost it.  According to reports, she was hauled off to the hospital last night after a 3 hour standoff with FedEx’s bodyguards, the court appointed visitation monitor, and police because she had locked herself in a room with her youngest son, Jayden James, to avoid giving the boys back to FedEx after visitation.

Officers said that Britney appeared to be under the influence of “an unknown substance” (i.e. drugs), that she was incoherent and arguing with police in a way that “didn’t make sense,” but if she had a full-blown psychotic break it *could* appear to be drugs.  I mean, come on!  Does anyone *really* think that shaving your head, assaulting a car with an umbrella, and her alleged behavior at the OK! Magazine photo shoot are the behavior of a sane person?  Even a sane person on drugs? 

I’m not making excuses for Ms. Spears.  Truth be told, I think she’s glorified “trailer trash” with more money than sense.  I think that even at her best, she borders on being a neglectful mother to those boys, and I think she is a media whore who enjoys all the attention from the papparazzi no matter how much she complains about it.  I just can’t help but wonder if she isn’t seriously, severely mentally ill.