Holding nothing back…

A few definitions

Fat tolerance and fat acceptance:  I use these two terms interchangeably.  To me, they both mean that others accept my right, and the right of others, to be treated with respect no matter what my weight happens to be.  Everyone, whether fat or thin, has the right NOT to be devalued, disrespected, or made fun of.  Yet millions of fat people worldwide ARE devalued, disrespected, and made fun of on a daily basis. 

Skinny bitch(es):  A “skinny bitch” is a person who thinks that ALL people should be thin, or doing whatever it takes to become thin.  To a skinny bitch, radical surgery to alter perfectly functioning body parts, starvation diets, and all manner of deprivation are acceptable and even DESIRABLE methods to become thin.  Not all thin women are skinny bitches.  For that matter, not all skinny bitches are thin women! 

More definitions to come…


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