Holding nothing back…


Posted on: September 9, 2010




My oldest daughter had a dance to go to a couple of weeks ago, that she was informed was a “show off the girlfriend” event (I won’t get into the issues with her boyfriend showing her off like a prize posession because that’s not the focus of this post, maybe another time). We spent DAYS shopping, trying to find the right dress, only to be disappointed with the choices available to us. FINALLY, at Dress Barn, we found THE dress! And then she tried it on. Oy! Although it was the same size as the other 20-some-odd dresses she had tried on, it was significantly too small, especially over the “boobs of doom” she inherited from my side of the family! We were running out of time, so we decided to go on and buy the dress she loved and I would alter it. We brought it home, and I took out the zipper, added boning, and used a silk ribbon to turn it into a corset-style back. It came out so nice that I really regretted not getting before pics! BUT, here are the afters:


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