Holding nothing back…


Posted on: April 21, 2010

"Although your bright hair diverts our eyes from the rest of your body being stuffed and jammed into those corsets, sadly it’s only a temporary distraction."

*sigh* The caption for this picture is copied verbatim from the website I originally saw it on. That’s (I hope obviously) not MY thoughts on the picture.

Granted, I’m not overly fond of the acid-colored dreds, but IT IS THEIR HAIR and they are entitled to do whatever they wish with it. It’s the “rest of your body being stuffed and jammed into those corsets” comment that really bothers me here. So what? Because these women are not reed-thin they aren’t allowed to wear whatever they wish? Because they are not Twiggy, they aren’t allowed to wear something that makes them feel attractive and sexy? WRONG!

How many times do we have to say it before we get it through the thick skulls of the general public: NOBODY was placed on this Earth with a mandate to decorate your world!!! Get over it! If you don’t like the way someone looks, look the other direction. These are living, breathing, feeling, probably caring human beings who have the same rights and privileges as everyone else in the world! For the time being, at least, there are no laws stating that fat people aren’t equal to thin people.

Personally, I am NOT AT ALL fond of the current trend for young men to be walking around in jeans that sag below their ass so that their underpants show. That doesn’t give me the right harass them or to invade their privacy by taking their picture, without permission, and post it on the web, again without permission.

Aarrgghh! Can’t we just let people be?


2 Responses to "Really?"

Also – that blue corset with the green bra is totally HOT!

I like this. I wish I had more to say but yeah, right on! 🙂

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