Holding nothing back…

No Cease Fires in the “War on Obesity”

Posted on: December 24, 2008

Saw this ad this morning and it just set me off.  “Sprinkle your coffee with something better than guilt.”

Really? Seriously?

And then there’s this one. “Indulge your sweet tooth, AND your conscience.”

So, once again, the diet industry implies that consuming anything with a calorie should be guilt-inducing. ::::eyeroll:::: 

On another note… DAMN but the diet industry is working overtime this season! Guess they want to try to get their name FIRMLY implanted for all those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. *sigh* I’m so sick of seeing diet ads. It’s Christmas Eve for heaven’s sake! MUST I watch at least one diet-related commercial EVERY commercial break? Within the past 20 minutes, I’ve seen ads for Truvia, Jenny, Nutrisystem, and SlimFast.

Oy. We aren’t even allowed to enjoy a “cease fire” on Christmas!


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