Holding nothing back…


Posted on: November 4, 2008

Wow.  Really, it’s the only word that comes to mind, just WOW!

I’m witnessing history tonight, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been MORE proud to be an American. The picture that will remain in my mind for the rest of my life was on MSNBC’s coverage. When they announced that projections were for Barack Obama to win the election one young African-American woman, she couldn’t have been older than 19, fell to her knees crying.  That’s when it really hit me exactly what I was watching, that I was watching HISTORY in the making.

Shortly after that they showed Jesse Jackson, a man that was present the day Martin Luther King, Jr was shot, and there were tears running down his face. I couldn’t help but be glad that he had lived to see this day and wish, as I’m sure Mr. Jackson was wishing, that Rev. King could have lived to see this day as well.

Now I’m waiting to hear our President-elect speak.

Congratulations President-elect Obama! May God be with you and protect you.


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