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You have GOT to be kidding me!!

Posted on: September 16, 2008

I don’t normally post about politics.  I don’t know, it’s just not my thing.  I debate politics with people I can see face-to-face or whom I know well enough to hear their voice as I read their words so that there are fewer misunderstandings.  Here…  I just don’t usually do it.  I don’t have a policy against it, I just haven’t gone there because I’ve been able to get my politics-debate fix IRL.

But tonight, I find myself outraged with nowhere to take it but here.  So y’all get to hear me vant (vent+rant=vant) about politics tonight.

I’m watching Fox news with hubby.  I know, I know, Faux News and all that.  But we actually know a couple of the local reporters through hubby’s work (he fixed their heating and air systems on their homes), so that’s what we watch for tv news and the tv isn’t our only source of news.  Anyway.  So I’m watching the news with hubby and this quick little report comes on about Sarah Palin.  Ok, she’s the Republican nominee for VP, even though I’d never heard of her before she was chosen…

They actually reported on the fact that Mrs. Palin had a tanning bed installed in the Alaska governors mansion!  Not about how it’s a questionable use of state funds!  Oh HELL no!  It was about how she keeps her skin “glowing.”  Oh, and about how McCain has had skin cancer and is a fan of SPF, long sleeves, and hats.  Woop-de-friggin-doo! 

Had the VP nominee been a MALE governor that had a tanning bed installed in the governors mansion, would we have heard about it?  If we did, would we have been hearing about the possible missappropriation of state funds or about his “glowing” skin?

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!  Because the candidate is a former beauty queen and still an attractive woman, we have to listen to this drivel!  I’m with the SNL skit that had Palin and HRClinton in a mock press conference together.  The press needs to grow a pair, or borrow them from someone.  Questioning a candidate about their stance on the issues is NOT sexist!  AAMOF, it’s more sexist to NOT ask a female candidate for high office the hard questions!  And THESE silly peices of fluff that pass for reporting on the candidate shouldn’t even see airtime.

/vant off

I feel better now.


2 Responses to "You have GOT to be kidding me!!"

I don’t know…they used to report never-endingly on the cost of John Edward’s hair cuts. I think they probably would report on a tanning bed in the case of a male–a politician is supposed to look good, after all, but not ever get caught trying to look good, male or female. And a man with a tanning bed? I think it might be played to show what a “sissy” he was. But I guess we’ll never know.

Yeah, but at least it was from the point of view that he spent too much money on it, how in touch could someone that spends $400 on one haircut be with the fiscal concerns of the common man, etc.

This is all about how she keeps her skin “glowing.” ::::eyeroll:::: Like I care how a candidate for high office cares for their skin or hair. And the reporting on McCain’s prior skin cancer and fondness for SPF… Like it was some sort of contradiction for Mrs. Palin to tan?!? WTF?

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