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Movie Review: The Women

Posted on: September 15, 2008

A friend of mine and I went to see The Women last night.  It was the first time I have been out of the house since the surgery except to ride with dh to the bbq place up the street to pick up dinner one evening.  Since we were doing an impromptu “Girls Night” we decided to see a chick flick that the men wouldn’t have taken us to willingly.  “c)

I was pleasantly surprised, actually.  It was a charming, funny, heart-tugging story about the various relationships women have with other women:  Mother-daughter, friends, sisters, coworkers, boss-employee, etc.  You very rarely saw a man on screen as more than background, which was kind of nice.  These women didn’t need men to identify them, support them, direct them, protect them, or anything else.  They were fully actualized characters in their own rights.

Meg Ryan plays Mary Haines, a wealthy socialite with a job in her father’s design firm, a position on the board of several charitable organizations, a daughter, a huge (BEAUTIFUL) house, four very close female friends, and a cheating husband.  And, yes, at the beginning of the film that seems to be pretty much the order she places their importance into.

Annette Benning plays Sylvia Fowler, a New York fashion magazine editor trying to turn the magazine around and stop “dumbing it down.”  Her mission at the magazine is to “talk UP” the the readers, and her (male) boss doesn’t believe in her vision.

Debra Messing plays Edie Cohen, wife and mother to four girls and still trying for a boy.

Jada Pinkett-Smith plays Alex Fisher, the funny, irreverant, hard-partying lesbian friend (who’s lesbianism is, thankfully, played as just a fact of her life).  Alex was actually my favorite character in the movie.  She had some of the best lines and the way Jada played her made me wish I had a friend like Alex.

Eva Mendes plays Crystal Allen, the mistress.  Something about Ms. Mendes’ performance was just lacking for me.  In past movies she has come across as incredibly sexy without appearing to TRY, but in this movie she just feel short.  There was something about her walk, the toss of her head, the pout, that just came across as more comical and stupid than sexy.  Maybe it was done on purpose because we were *supposed* to dislike Crystal, I don’t know.  I just know that Mendes came out looking less like the Sexy, Evil, Other Woman than like a ditz that was trying too hard.

Mendes, however was the only disappointing performance in the movie.  The four main characters shined, and their portrayal of friendship left me saying “I’m so glad I have that!” and very proud to be a woman.

Body Acceptance Moment:  Sylvia is talking to Mary’s daughter, Molly.  Molly admits to smoking so that she won’t eat because she doesn’t want to be fat.  “I want to look like the models in your magazine.”  Sylvia replies “Those women are staged, airbrushed, and photoshopped!  NOBODY looks like those women!  THEY don’t even look like that!”


3 Responses to "Movie Review: The Women"

I kind of want to see this movie, but I kind of don’t – simply because the original was just brilliant. Eva Mendez may simply have been scared stiff, because she knew her performance would inevitably be compared unfavourably to Joan Crawford’s performance of Crystal.

I haven’t seen the original, so that may be why I didn’t think of that possibility. Now I’m going to have to find it to rent and watch to compare the two! =c)

that looks good, ill go watch it now! thanks for sharing it!

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