Holding nothing back…

This is me…

Posted on: June 2, 2008

As of today, I join several others in heeding Rachel’s call to post pictures of myself in all my fat chick glory, head intact. 

(Click on thumbnail to bigify.)

These were taken by a very talented photographer who does some beautiful boudoir photography at a club here in the metroplex.  Awesome man, awesome photographer, and an eye for beauty in ALL forms.

I am a headless fatty no more!



5 Responses to "This is me…"

You’re beautiful! And I’m *so* coveting the corset! 😀

Thank you. 🙂 The corset was purchased online, off eBay actually. I think I paid something like $40 for it…

Wow, you’re gorgeous! Great job on redefining the word “fat.” 🙂

You go girl!

fat is beautiful
large is godlike
big is cuddly

log live the goddessess of this world!!!!

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