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I was just looking around my stats this morning, you know, for shits and giggles, when I stumbled onto the feature that allows me to look at the search terms used to find my blog since I first started it.  It ranks them in order of the number of times that term was used, which makes total sense to me.  So, what do you think was the #1 most-used search term to find my blog?  I’ll wait a sec while you mull it over…


“900 Calorie Diet”


Yep.  People out there are actually LOOKING FOR ADVICE on how to eat only 900 calories a day!!!!  Folks!  That’s a STARVATION DIET!  Sure, you’ll lose weight eating only 900 calories a day, but you’ll be losing more muscle than fat!  AND AND AND, your body will be convinced that you are starving to death (because, guess what, you ARE, slowly but surely) and once you start eating again, it will pack on the fat to ensure that you have food and energy stores for the next time you go into starvation mode.  Starvation level diets like that TRASH your metabolism!!

I understand the urge to lose weight and be a socially acceptable size, or even better yet to be considered uber-sexy by current societal standards.  Believe me, I do!  I LIVED my life according to that urge from the time I was 10-years-old until about a year ago!  I endured starvation diets, exercise binges (where I exercised in some form for several HOURS a day), fad diets, you name it.  Trust me on this one, a starvation diet will do more harm than good in the long run. 

Really, honestly, from my heart…  The best thing you can do for your health and for your self-esteem is learn to love yourself and take care of yourself at exactly where you are right now.  So maybe you weigh more than your doctor thinks you should.  And maybe you have some health problems that might be better if you weighed less.  But STARVING yourself to get the weight off isn’t going to help, and it isn’t going to work long-term. 

When you love and take care of yourself, where you are right now, some of those problems may go away.  Some may not.  You’ll probably also find that when you love and take care of yourself no matter WHAT the number on the scale is or WHAT the number on the tag in your jeans says, your body will find the weight and size that is perfect for IT.  That weight and size may be bigger than you, or your doctor, or society thinks it should be, but it will be PERFECT for YOUR BODY.  You won’t have to starve yourself, or deny yourself foods that you love (unless there is a true medical reason for it, like I have to avoid deep-fat-fried catfish except as a VERY occasional treat because of my high cholesterol), or exercise yourself into oblivion to maintain it. 

So fuck 900 calorie a day diets!  Fuck society’s definition of fat and/or thin!  FUCK what everyone ELSE thinks you should look like! 

Take care of your body and your body WILL take care of you, I promise! 


As of today, I join several others in heeding Rachel’s call to post pictures of myself in all my fat chick glory, head intact. 

(Click on thumbnail to bigify.)

These were taken by a very talented photographer who does some beautiful boudoir photography at a club here in the metroplex.  Awesome man, awesome photographer, and an eye for beauty in ALL forms.

I am a headless fatty no more!