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Diet as a NOUN…

Posted on: May 13, 2008

Diet (n) the usual food and drink consumed by an organism.

Catch that?  The USUAL food and drink consumed.  Whatever you eat and drink, that’s your diet.  Every single person on the planet has a diet.  Whether they choose to restrict their diet for some reason or another, that’s a totally different thing. 

My diet is restricted because I am genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, and am currently on meds to help lower my cholesterol.  Watching what I eat and exercising “alone” didn’t help it, unfortunately.  Some people restrict their diet because they have diabetes, others because they have high blood pressure.  And then there are those that restrict their diet because they are trying to lose weight. 

What’s the difference?  Those of us restricting our diets to lower cholesterol, lower salt, or lower sugar foods usually aren’t ALSO restricting our caloric intake.  Most of the people I know who are restricting their diet because they want to lose weight usually are restricting the number of calories they eat.  The problem here is that they usually are not eating enough!  Before the pro-diet folks jump on my butt, I know that not everyone trying to lose weight (or keep from gaining lost weight back) restricts themselves to starvation level diets but too many people trying to lose weight do.  Worse, many of them are *encouraged* to particpate in starvation level diet restriction even if they don’t have that much weight to lose (see my post about Gene Simmons trip to a “health spa“).

And what about all the people that have had bariatric surgery?  Medically induced starvation.

Medifast?  Slim Fast?  Starvation level liquid diets.

As a recovering anorexic, I just canNOT condone starvation level ANYTHING.  But then, I no longer see the need to lose weight as an imperative.

It is HEALTHY to eat what your body wants, when your body wants it.  It is NOT healthy to starve yourself for any reason.  The only reason NOT to eat is if you are having a medical procedure done that necessitates an empty stomach.



2 Responses to "Diet as a NOUN…"

I try to make the distinction by saying “reduction diet” because everyone has a diet. If I add an “ing” it’s implied that it’s a reduction diet 🙂

Might I add that I haven’t seen a reduction diet yet that isn’t starvation level. My doctor was forever prescribing a 1000 calorie diet to my mother and later to me – that’s starvation level. Weight Watchers seems to typically go with about 1200 or 1400 for weight loss (since most people who do it aren’t really very fat – if you are you get a bit more) and that’s starvation level. Certainly semi-starvation level.

I don’t know why people try to make a distinction between “fad diets” and just any old restricted diet – they all do the same thing, though I guess some of the fad diets are very dangerous in their own right. I never got into fad diets; I restricted calories to about a thousand per day to diet. I suppose there are people who go along and try lots of brand name diets, but hello? A diet is a diet is a diet. When someone says “She did it without diets” but she (whoever she is) followed WW or Jenny Craig or South Beach or simply “ate less” (like 1200 calories a day) and “moved more” then yeah it’s a diet. “No, she just ate healthy” – healthy being synonymous with very low-fat, low-carb and definitely low-calorie then yes, she did it *with* a reduction diet. Maybe not a “fad” diet but a reduction diet. So don’t tell me it was done without dieting. Sheesh.

Anyway, good post. Just keep in mind most diets are below the starvation level of the starvation studies. If the World Hunger thing (is that the right name?) says that going below 2350 calories is below the food security line, I tend to agree. Even if I can’t really usually eat 2300 calories per day unless I were forcing it, and I don’t. Ok, keep ’em coming 🙂

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