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A funny…

Posted on: May 20, 2008

Received this via e-mail from a friend and thought it was too freakin’ funny NOT to share.  🙂  Probably not too safe for work, depending.  Includes references to Viagra, Pregnancy tests, condoms, and herpes.  VERY very funny and worth the watch though.



Posted on: May 18, 2008

Why do fat chicks tan?

I kid you not, that’s the search term someone used to find my blog.  Apparently, it pulled up my post about trying to find a decent two-peice bathing suit to tan in.

Seriously?  Someone SERIOUSLY doesn’t understand why a fat chick would tan?  I’ve spent quite a bit of time deciding whether or not to dignify this pathetic question with an answer.  I’ve decided that rather than ignore it, and not address the implication that fat chicks can’t, or shouldn’t, enjoy some of the same activities as thin chicks, I would say something.  Fat chicks are people too, and we enjoy some, if not most, of the same things as thin chicks.  And I resent the implication that we shouldn’t.

I can’t speak for *every* fat chick out there that likes to tan, but I can tell you why THIS fat chick likes to tan.

  1. It is relaxing.
  2. I like the feel of the sun on my skin.
  3. I was a teenager in the 80’s, the era of the “healthy tan.”
  4. I like the way I look with a tan.

In short, for many of the same reason that thin chicks tan.  Got that?


Diet (n) the usual food and drink consumed by an organism.

Catch that?  The USUAL food and drink consumed.  Whatever you eat and drink, that’s your diet.  Every single person on the planet has a diet.  Whether they choose to restrict their diet for some reason or another, that’s a totally different thing. 

My diet is restricted because I am genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, and am currently on meds to help lower my cholesterol.  Watching what I eat and exercising “alone” didn’t help it, unfortunately.  Some people restrict their diet because they have diabetes, others because they have high blood pressure.  And then there are those that restrict their diet because they are trying to lose weight. 

What’s the difference?  Those of us restricting our diets to lower cholesterol, lower salt, or lower sugar foods usually aren’t ALSO restricting our caloric intake.  Most of the people I know who are restricting their diet because they want to lose weight usually are restricting the number of calories they eat.  The problem here is that they usually are not eating enough!  Before the pro-diet folks jump on my butt, I know that not everyone trying to lose weight (or keep from gaining lost weight back) restricts themselves to starvation level diets but too many people trying to lose weight do.  Worse, many of them are *encouraged* to particpate in starvation level diet restriction even if they don’t have that much weight to lose (see my post about Gene Simmons trip to a “health spa“).

And what about all the people that have had bariatric surgery?  Medically induced starvation.

Medifast?  Slim Fast?  Starvation level liquid diets.

As a recovering anorexic, I just canNOT condone starvation level ANYTHING.  But then, I no longer see the need to lose weight as an imperative.

It is HEALTHY to eat what your body wants, when your body wants it.  It is NOT healthy to starve yourself for any reason.  The only reason NOT to eat is if you are having a medical procedure done that necessitates an empty stomach.


Our BUSY but fun-filled weekend started Friday evening with friends coming over and a fire in the backyard (we’re burning some brush on top of a tree stump burn it out).  We ended up visiting until well after one in the morning and just had an awesome time!

Saturday, we got up and spent the morning and afternoon with the kids, playing in the pool and just enjoying each others company.  That evening, we went out with friends to a local club that we all enjoy.  It’s just a laid-back, friendly place that is a TON of fun.  None of us were ready for the party to end, so we all went over to J&P’s house to hang out in their hot tub.  DH and I ended up not getting to bed until after the sun had started coming over the horizon!  (Thank all that is even REMOTELY holy that our kids are all old enough to get their own breakfast and entertain themselves without direct supervision for a while!)

Yesterday, we went out to a friends house so that DH could fix their air conditioner (yep, we’re already using AC in Texas), and she decided that she wanted to take their boat out on the lake for the first time this season.  So while the guys worked on the AC, she and I went and cleaned the boat up after it’s having been stored all winter.  Both “work crews” got finished at about the same time, so off we went!  We ended up anchoring at this little sand bar with a bunch of other boats, including one that I swear the owner had WAY too much money for his own good because he had a sound system on that boat that a dance club would have KILLED for!  I won’t even try to estimate how many boats were there, and they said it was a LIGHT day!  Someone had brought a volleyball net and set it up in the water, and everyone was just hanging out and having a good time.  And despite the fact that a boat full of skinny bitches (all in the 20-25 age range), out there flashing the guys, dancing like strippers, and just generally being obnoxious, seemed determined to make fun of the two “fat chicks” in the boat next to them, us, we had a good time.  We heard a couple of comments about our weight, but after being called “a couple of water buffalo” I couldn’t just ignore it anymore.  I looked at my friend, who looked ready to cry, and said (loudly enough for the skinny bitches to hear) “Yep, I’m a fat chick, and I REFUSE to be ashamed.”  They didn’t quite know how to react, but the ugly comments stopped even if the ugly looks didn’t.  :::shrug::::  Baby steps Pet, baby steps…

After the lake, we went back to our friends house for dinner (at their insistence), and as I was walking down the steps from the kitchen to the living room, one of my sandals flipped when it should have flopped and I fell down the last two steps on my knees.  My only injury is a minor rugburn on both knees.

So today, I am exhausted, windburned, sunburned, and rugburned.  And it’s a GOOD thing.  “c)