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What do *you* think?

Posted on: April 21, 2008

Hat tip to Fatshionista for bringing the video below to my attention.  =c)

So.  The debate is that these are “healthy” women, espousing “healthy” views towards food.

I just don’t see it.  To be a little more sure that I wasn’t letting my own personal prejudices get in the way of seeing the “message” of the video, I asked some of my friends (both fat and thin) and their husbands (also both fat and thin) to watch it.  We all, fat and thin, female and male, saw a bunch of thin women making fun of fat chicks. 

The general consensus was that these skinny bitches (see *my* definition here) were saying:

  • *This* is the way fat chicks eat (buckets of fried chicken, twinkies, ding dongs, candy, etc.).
  • Fat chicks don’t *think* they are fat (hence the too small bikini).
  • Fat chicks eat when they aren’t hungry (“If you ain’t really hungry, get your appetite on!”).

There was more, but those are the biggies.  I am still incensed by this video.  I don’t know that anyone could convince me that this video had any intention but to make fun of the fatties, but I definitely invite you to try.  Please, show me how this video is “fat friendly” because I just do NOT see it.  =c/


4 Responses to "What do *you* think?"

Healthy? Riiight. Try CATTY…catty, anti-feminist, anti-woman competitive bitches looking for reassurance that they should watch, count and obsess over every bite that they eat. And I’d say the same regardless of size.

Besides that, when has anything about gluttony been considered fat friendly? I kinda thought the whole point was that we aren’t more gluttonous on average than any other group? Did I miss a memo?

I don’t see this video as fat-friendly, either. I think it’s a thinly veiled wallow in the stereotypes surrounding “fat” girls and non-dieters — Food Journal: Steak, Ham, Donuts, Etc….

Just imagine if the “singer” of the video was an actual fat woman, cellulite, string bikini, and so forth. Then, as her thin friends sunbathed and read, she was surrounded by food.

I think what’s most disarming about the video is, in fact, the woman singer is NOT fat.

And how can “gluttonous” be a healthy relationship with food, anyway? Sure, different people have different definitions of the word, but it’s most usually defined as eating food nonstop because it’s there, not for nourishment, or to satisfy hunger, or even because it tastes good. Sounds like an ED. Also sounds like the “every fat person is a binge eater” stereotype.

Umm… anyone ever heard of hyperbole?

I must admit I have no clue what these girls’ motivations were, but isn’t it possible they’re making fun of their own tendencies to overeat? Even skinny woman polish off pints of haagen daz and then let their twisted minds’ senses of guilt exaggerate the amounts of food and cellulite.

Additionally, since we live in a culture where disordered eating and body-image distortion are widespread, it is important to remember that what people actually look like bears decreasingly little resemblance to how they feel about their bodies.

Can’t we respect that, not only is the thin person feeling fat a sad endemic social phenomenon, but also that it is possible to laugh at these crazy food habits we have? I think a little musical hyperbole on the disordered thinking afflicting many fat, thin and average people in the size 0 age might get people talking about our crazy glutenous or abstemious thoughts about food, but more importantly, help lighten the mood!

Heh, sorry emm but the “glutenous” made me laugh a little – I keep thinking of the vegan “ribs” made out of gluten (ew.)

I don’t care for the video but it’s hard to say exactly all of why. For one, gluttonous is not a healthy or positive relationship with food and it isn’t something to reclaim. For another, the singing is REALLY bad (beyond bad.) The sexy feeding thing is a bit squicky. The proclamation that you should eat when you’re not hungry and that they’d eat anything fresh or stale…I honestly can’t see what they’re getting at. Overall it just sucks.

And…she’s a little bit fat. What would probably have been called voluptuous prior to the epi-panic. Of course I wouldn’t mind being as “fat” as she is, and she looks great. But I can’t see saying she’s thin or skinny or slender or lean.

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