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A Change in Attitude?

Posted on: April 18, 2008

So I went to the doctor yesterday, the same doctor I’ve been seeing for years now despite the fact that she persists in giving me the “lose weight and your <depression, high cholesterol, fatigue, menstrual cramps, migraine headaches, etc.> will go away” myth at almost every visit.  BTW, that depression is diagnosed BIPOLAR disorder, not “garden variety” depression (not that “garden variety” depression is anything to joke about).  Except this time, she didn’t try to give me the myth…  Not one mention of my weight. 

I go in, and they weigh me as usual.  No comment from the nurse (this was a new nurse, still a thin nurse, but not the ill-tempered woman that has been there for the past couple of years).  Go back to an exam room, take my blood pressure.  Nurse tells me that it’s 110/70 which is “good.”  Temp was 98.7, pulse was 72.  Updates my family history, and actually takes down information that the previous ill-tempered nurse had rolled her eyes at.

New nurse actually notes things like:

  • My maternal grandfather had *13* heart attacks, *3* strokes, and *4* off-bypass heart surgeries, and died at 52.
  • My paternal grandfather had a bypass 4 years ago.
  • My mother has 4 stints (one in her pulmonary artery, one in her descending aorta, one in her ascending aorta, and one in a femoral artery).
  • My mother has lupus.
  • My mother and father BOTH have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides (gee, wonder if the fact that I have high cholesterol and high triglycerides has a genetic component?).
  • My maternal grandmother, paternal grandmother, both maternal aunts, and my sister (who is three years younger than me) have all had hysterectomies.
  • My maternal grandmother, mother, sister, two aunts, and 5 of my cousins all have depression.
  • My mother and maternal grandmother both have osteoporosis.
  • My paternal grandmother suffers migraines that are non-responsive to “normal” treatment (i.e. Imitrex and other drugs normally used to prevent migraines).

These are ALL things the previous, ill-tempered nurse had failed to note.

Doc comes in, looks at the new-and-improved family history, raises her eyebrows and talks to me for a few minutes about how my bipolar meds are working (pretty good actually).  Asks about my last migraine (two weeks ago, the day after my last menstrual period started).  Fusses at me about not having my last pap on schedule, makes appropriate understanding facial expressions and says appropriately understanding things when I explain that my gynecologist wasn’t covered the last time our insurance changed, yada yada.  Says we can do a pap there, and is understanding again when I explain that DH’s work is changing our insurance YET AGAIN, and I’d rather wait because I’m having some other issues “in that department” and (she finishes the sentence for me!) “you don’t want it to be pre-existing.”  Says to come in as soon as the insurance changes over and have one.  Informs me that I should have started having mammograms 3 years ago (I had no clue), but doesn’t fuss or push me to set an appointment for one.  I figure she’ll probably do that when I go in for the pap.  Reauthorizes my meds, orders bloodwork (lithium level, full lipid panel, thyroid panel, IDK what else, 4 vials total), and sends me on my way. 

Not ONE mention of my weight, which is a little weird considering that EVERY time I’ve been in for the past 8 years she’s said SOMETHING about me needing to lose weight or having lost weight or having gained weight back or…

I’m just hoping this is a permanent change.


1 Response to "A Change in Attitude?"

While I am so pleased for you that she is no longer (hopefully for good) hassling you in regard to your weight, it is terrible that it took this for her to realise! And bah humbug to the useless previous nurse.

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