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Toys with children’s meals “unethical.”

Posted on: April 4, 2008

A group of councillors met in Liverpool last night (Apr 3), and agreed to support a ban on McDonald’s Happy Meals.  McDonald’s isn’t the only restaraunt being targeted.  Any restaraunt (fast food or otherwise) that gives away “gimmicks” with their children’s meals is a target of this ban.  The councillors and the Children’s Services Select Committee claim that offering those toys (or “gimmicks”) with the meals is unethical.

Cllr. Paul Twigger is quoted as saying “McDonald’s say (sic) their Happy Meals are low in salt, sugar, and fat along with 75% of the food they sale.  But I believe the majority of the food bought at McDonald’s accounts for the 25% high in fat, salt, and sugar.”

Ok, I’m not saying that I believe that McDonald’s is low salt, low sugar, low fat fare.  We ALL know that McDonald’s doesn’t exactly sell health food.  I *am* saying that McDonald’s is *hardly* to blame for all of the “obese” children in an entire country!

And taking the toys out of Happy Meals?  WTF?  As if the toys are the ONLY reason that kids like Happy Meals!  3/4 of the time, my kids threw the toys out after playing with them for 15 or 20 minutes.  Even at the very youngest of ages, my kids recognized the toys as the cheaply-made crap that they are.  The only toys that any of my kids were ever obsessive about getting (and keeping) were the Teeny Beanie Babies.  Other than that, they just didn’t care about the toys in ANY of the fast food restaraunt’s children’s meals.  It was always the *treat* of the hamburger and french fries, or chicken nuggets, or whatever, because we don’t eat much fast food.  If McDonald’s, Sonic, Wendy’s, et al, are lucky, we might eat fast food once a month, so getting a Happy Meal was a treat.  The toys weren’t even a consideration because my kids always had (and still have for that matter) plenty of toys, and much better toys than ANYTHING they could get in a Happy Meal.

Banning toys in Happy Meals isn’t going to get the so-called “obesity epidemic” under control.  I don’t know that *anything* will. 

I really do think that fat is genetic.  Seriously, look at it.  For mellinia, human beings dealt with regular famines, so our bodies learned to deal with famine by storing fat to get us through them.  Those whose bodies were most efficient at storing fat were the ones that survived.  It was truly survival of the fattest!  “cD  It hasn’t been that long ago in human history that fat was the desired body type because a fat woman would survive famine and have a better chance at producing a healthy baby even in the middle of a famine.  She would also be better able to breastfeed an infant through a famine.  Fat people were the ones that bred, thin people didn’t survive. 

It has only been fairly recently, in the grand scheme of human history, that thin became “in.”  But us fat chicks still manage to find husbands and have (sometimes fat, sometimes thin) children.  Fat chicks will always be part of the scenery.  The sooner the world accepts this and stops trying to change us, the happier we will ALL be.


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MediaCurves.com conducted a poll among 301 viewers of a video clip highlighting potential government regulation of toys in fast-food kids’ meals. Results found that majority of parents (82%) reported that the U.S. government should not regulate toys in fast-food kids’ meals. In addition, the majority of parents (77%) indicated that child obesity rates would stay the same if toys were banned from fast-food restaurant meals.
More in depth results can be seen at: http://www.mediacurves.com/NationalMediaFocus/J7792-FastFoodKidsMeals/Index.cfm

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