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Overweight should equal unhappy?

Posted on: March 31, 2008

WHY this hype about size-16 Chloe Marshall entering Miss UK?

Her size is just as unhealthy as a size 0.

She’s overweight, not curvy, and shouldn’t be happy with that at such a young age.

C. H.
West Hampstead, NW London

 (Edited to remove full name, as requested by C.H.)

 First, I’ve just gotta say it:  EVERYONE has a right to be happy with themselves and their body, no matter WHAT size they are!  EVERYONE, no matter our age, race, orientation, weight, jeans size, bra size, or waist measurement!

Rather than harp on the follies of the BMI, for once I’m actually going to use it as a voice of reason!  Mark this day on your calendars folks, because I doubt that it will happen again anytime soon.  According to her profile on Models Plus, Ms. Marshall is a rather tall young lady at 5’10”.  That alone “allows” her to carry a lot more weight than most women without being anywhere NEAR overweight.  According to this article, Ms. Marshall weighs 176 pounds (a “stone” is equal to 14 pounds).  Plug those numbers into any BMI calculator and it will tell you that her BMI is 25.3.  While that BMI *does* fall into the “overweight” category, it’s only by four-tenths of a point.  If she loses just 3 pounds, her BMI falls below that magic number (24.9) that designates the “normal weight” category.  THREE POUNDS!  I seriously doubt that those three little pounds are “unhealthy.”  Apparently Ms. H thinks that Chloe can ONLY be happy with her body AFTER losing those three magical little pounds.  ::::eyeroll::::

And people wonder why we have so many young women with eating disorders and distorted body images.  Why are little girls as young as 6-years-old unhappy with their bodies?  Because of attitudes like Ms. H’s and their prevalence.


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Well, as I was googling I found this relating to my letter, sent in to the Sun.

Yes, everyone has a right to be happy with their size. However, if they are an unhealthy size and they are then described as a good role model, THAT is not right. Her size is JUST as unhealthy as any size 0 model on the catwalk, especially as she’s only so young. If she’s happy how she is, fine, good for her, but I can’t stand the fact she’s portrayed as a better role model to aspire to than a size 0. BOTH are equally unhealthy, and neither should be aspired to by any girl. Yes, she’s only a couple of pounds overweight, but as it doesn’t look like she’s a massively toned person, most of that weight isn’t actually muscle. And like I said, she’s only 16, most people fill out even more later on. Because being a size 16 is not really puppy fat.

I don’t need to be informed about eating disorders. I work as a ballet dancer and am surrounded all day by people criticising my body, physique et al. Yet I don’t have an eating disorder. I am comfortable how I am.

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, we can both find lots of websites to back up our arguments.

Fact of the matter is, I never said she can’t be happy with her size. If she is, fine and good on her, all I said was she SHOULDN’T really, as it’s unhealthy, and in my opinion just as unhealthy as a size 0 model, and whilst we see a massive backlash against those, as understandably they set a bad example, it doesn’t work the other way, whereas both are the same.

Those nuances about it were however edited out of that letter.

I tried to find a link to contact you privately on this blog, but alas couldn’t find it. I’d be more than happy to explain some of my viewpoints.

Do feel free to send me an email.

And if I may request, please edit my name under the letter and not put my full name on there. I find that a little bit unnecessary, seeing as I have taken the time and effort to come on here and explain myself a little better than the 3 lines the paper printed to clearly get some reaction.

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