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Cutting the tags out of clothes…

Posted on: March 28, 2008


I understand this feeling all too well, and still I find it sad.  Sad for the lady that sent it in to PostSecret, and sad for myself that I’ve spent so much of my life worrying about a number on a tiny little strip of fabric that really doesn’t mean anything except to the manufacturer of the clothing.  I wear anywhere from a size 14 to a size 20, depending on the designer, the style, the cut, and the material the article is made of.  Half of my clothing ends up being brought home and immediately put on my dressmaker’s dummy to be altered.  I’ve actually gotten to the point that I prefer to make my own clothes, not because there is no tag in homemade clothing, but because it’s the only way I can be assured of the fit.

I’m not a big fan of the theory of “vanity sizing.”  I do see that sizes are much bigger today than they were 50 years ago (seriously, have you LOOKED at dress patterns from the 1950’s??), but how much of that is because women today don’t wear the ridiculously tight girdles that our grandmothers wore?  How much of it is because designers looked at the actual sizes of REAL women and adjusted their sizing accordingly (and appropriately)?  What I see more than so-called vanity sizing is a lack of standardization in sizing.  One can’t count on a size 14 always having a 36″ waist (just pulling numbers out of my head here), and I’m not so sure one *should*!  There are almost as many different body types as there are women, after all. 

Just because I am 5’4″ with a 42″ chest, 36″ waist, and 40″ hips doesn’t mean that every other woman out there my height and weight has the same measurements.  I would like to see clothing tags have the actual measurements they are meant to fit on them!  What a concept!  If a dress is made to fit a woman whose measurements are 42-36-40, then that’s what the tag says!  If it’s made to fit a woman wose measurements are the mythical 36-24-36, then that’s what the tag should say.  It would certainly make shopping for clothing easier!  If you know your measurements anyway… 

Of course, bras are supposedly sized according to measurement and I find a lot of variance in them.  If the bra is a Cacique, I’ll need a 38 D.  If it’s Playtex, I’ll need more like a 40 C.  If it’s from Vickie’s I’ll need a 40DD (which Vickie’s doesn’t make ::::eyeroll:::: ). 

*sigh*  Even in the one area  where women’s clothing is *supposed* to be standardized, there’s no standardization.  Want to know what size bra you wear?  Pick ONE brand, ONE style within that brand, and never ever deviate.  Same with jeans.  Pick ONE style from ONE designer, and don’t ever buy another brand or style, and whatever you do, don’t let your weight fluctuate by more than a pound or two!


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