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To fat to twirl???

Posted on: March 27, 2008

First, I must be up front.  The article I will be quoting is from August 27, 1991 and I have no clue if Penn State has since reviewed it’s policy on majorettes and weight. 

Although band administration justifies twice-weekly weigh-ins for the majorettes as a need for uniformity, such a policy has brought to light questions of sexual discrimination. (emphasis mine)

 Twice-weekly weigh-ins????  Excuse me?  Ok, EVERYBODY’s weight fluctuates, even those who maintain a thin frame without any effort.  Weighing the majorettes twice a week isn’t going to catch true weight gain better than once weekly or twice-a-month weigh-ins.  Sad thing is, I know this crap happens because my sister was a majorette at Arkansas State University, who actually got kicked off the squad for refusing to lose 5 pounds because her doctor told her it would be unhealthy for her to do so (she and I both have always been able to weigh 20 lbs more than most others our height who wear the same size clothes as we do).  Sis even took a note from her doctor to the band director, who refused to waive the weight requirement.  My father (who hasn’t always been the nicest person about even a *little* extra weight, he once told me that nobody over a size 9 should be allowed to wear jeans in public…  I wore a size 12 at the time) had to be talked OUT of suing the University for discrimination. 

Despite mandatory weigh-ins for majorettes, Feature Twirler John Mitchell was never given a recommended weight goal and is not weighed on a regular basis.

“When I twirl, people look at my baton. When a girl twirls, you look at everything — legs, kicks, pointed toes and grace,” said Mitchell (junior-administrative justice).

Mitchell agreed the whole idea of majorettes is sexist and noted that the uniformity for majorettes is thinness.

First, I have just GOT to say it:  I absolutely ADORE the idea of a male Feature Twirler!  Second, maybe it’s because my mom and sister were majorettes and I grew up watching them practice and perform, but when I watch a twirler of either sex I’m looking at the skill.  I don’t give a crap if you have a thin waist or fat thighs or “cankles,” or whatever.  I want to see a skilled, graceful (and fat does NOT keep you from being or looking graceful) twirler that enjoys what they are doing and lets it show.  One of the best twirlers I’ve ever seen was most definitely NOT thin.  She was overweight (by today’s BMI standards, I’d bet she might even qualify for “obese”), but she was gorgeous, talented, and *graceful*.  She had won several national titles in twirling, and we were lucky enough to have her as our Feature Twirler my junior and senior years of high school.  She would never have made the Penn State or ASU lines because of her weight, and it most definitely was their loss!  This girl could TWIRL!

Oh, and once again we’re back to the same old double-standard.  The girls are weighed-in twice weekly.  The male FEATURE TWIRLER (the one the entire crowd is expected to be watching) isn’t weighed, and doesn’t have a “weight goal.”  One is left to presume that it would be just fine if he were to gain 10 lbs, or 20, or, or, or…

“You agree to the uniform. You want to go out in front of the crowd and look good. You make fun of people who look bad in the uniform,” Kike (senior-elementary education) added.

“You make fun of people who look bad in the uniform…”  O M F G.  It doesn’t matter how skilled a twirler you are, it’s all about looking good in the uniform.  I am so glad this woman will never be teaching MY daughters!  “Screw learning, it’s all about your looks girls!”  Sheesh. 

To be totally honest, I heard other majorettes making fun of Holly (the high school twirler I mentioned above) when we would go to band marching contests, but they shut up FAST when she started twirling!  She could do tricks they could only dream about.  Her skill always won over the crowd and the other (thinner) majorettes.  After our show, Holly could often be seen surrounded by twirlers from other schools begging her to teach them how to do some of her tricks.

Damn!  Now I wish I had one of my pictures of Sis in her majorette uniform!  Y’all would never believe she was told to lose weight! 


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