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Moment of Truth

Posted on: March 25, 2008

Fox’s The Moment of Truth is a new gameshow where contestants can win up to $500,000 “just” by answering 21 questions.  The catch is, you are hooked up to a lie detector and asked 50 questions.  Contestants don’t know which of those 50 questions will be asked, nor are they told the results of the lie detector before they are on tv.

My gut reaction to this is WHY?  Why would anyone go on this show and put themselves and their loved ones through hearing the answers to some of those questions?  Some of the questions that have been asked:

  • Lisette, a model, was asked if she would be happy to look like her mother when she is her mother’s age (she answered “no”) and if she had ever slept with someone to further her career (she answered “no” but the lie detector said that she was lying).
  • Michael was asked if he was sexually attracted to any of his wife’s 4 sisters (he answered “yes”).
  • Ellen was asked if she had any secrets that she believed could end her marriage (she answered “yes”).
  • Lauren, in the most controversial episode, was asked several difficult questions, but the two that I honestly think should not have been asked were:  Do you believe your ex-boyfriend is the man you *should* be married to? (she answered “yes”) and if she had cheated on her husband (she answered “yes”). 
  • Ray was asked if he resented his mother for the way she had treated his wife, and if he resented his mother for wearing black to his wedding (he answered “yes” to both).
  • Brandon was asked if he used lack of money as an excuse for not proposing to his girlfriend (he answered “yes”).
  • Christie was asked if she blamed her father for tearing her family apart (she answered “yes”).
  • George was asked if his best friend could trust him with his life savings (he answered “no”).

The order is from the most recent show to the first show.  As you can see, they’ve gotten braver and more personal with their questions.  It’s a tough show to watch, and I can’t imagine WHY anyone would go on it, yet it’s kind of like a car wreck:  You don’t WANT to look, but you feel almost compelled to.  We often answer the questions ourselves sitting here in the living room. 

Watching Lisette being asked if she would be happy to look like her mother at her mother’s age, my 16-year-old daughter asked me point blank “Would it hurt your feelings if I answered ‘no’ to that question?” 

I thought my husband was going to come unglued!  “Why wouldn’t you want to look like your mother?  She’s beautiful!”  Made me feel good, but let’s be honest…  The man is a bit biased.  “c)

Honestly though, while on some level it *would* hurt my feelings, I want my daughters to learn from my mistakes.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes that have affected how I look today.  I’ve smoked since I was 18.  We all know that smoking causes wrinkles around the mouth, discolors your teeth, and can make you look older than you are (not to mention all it’s OTHER health effects, but for the purposes of this discussion we are just talking about what my bad habits have done to my APPEARANCE).  I’ve yo-yo dieted since  I was ten.  Not good for my health, my skin, my hair, my nails, my teeth, etc.  I’ve spent every summer since I was 2-years-old in the sun, and my parents weren’t exactly the most diligent about keeping me from getting sunburns (not that I was cooperative with the efforts they *did* make, it’s as much my fault as it is theirs!), and we all know what kind of damage that can do to the skin.  I’ve not always made the healthiest choices when it comes to food (big surprise from a yo-yo dieter, huh?), and poor food choices effects your skins ability to heal and repair itself. 

While I’m content with the way I look today, I know that if I hadn’t made some poor choices through the years it is possible that I could look better.  And I want my daughters to learn from my mistakes, and I hope that if they do they will look better at my age than I do.  I don’t think that it is necessarily a bad thing for my 16-year-old to want to look better at 38 than I do!  I just want to make sure that her whole identity and sense of self-worth isn’t wrapped up in how she looks.


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Good read! Thank you!

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