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More on Inside the Oval Office

Posted on: February 22, 2008

I’ve now read the chapter on Johnson and Nixon.  Talk about informative!

From reading the transcripts of Johnson and the stories that his staffers had, the man was a first-class Redneck through and through.  Apparently, his staffers were expected to follow him even into the BATHROOM and take notes while he did his morning shit, shower, and shave!  YIKES!  He was a micro-manager that bragged (on tape) that the pilots in Viet Nam couldn’t drop a bomb without his direct O.K., and who refused to have a Chief of Staff because he wanted every aspect of White House business reported to him. 

Nixon, apparently was practically psychotic (my impression, not what the book actually says).  He used to bark all sorts of orders that his staffers would refuse to carry out, even though there weren’t totally sure that Nixon was just “blowing off steam.”  Sure, we all say things from time to time that we don’t really mean (like “I’d like to STRANGLE my child” for example); but according to the tapes Nixon used to do this with such regularity, and sometimes actually MEAN what he was saying, that his staff never knew for sure whether or not to carry out his unreasonable orders.  Thus Watergate…

Just goes to show you.  People say some weird shit sometimes, even when they KNOW they are being taped!  If Presidents say things like that when they KNOW they are being taped (because they initiated the taping by pressing a button!), imagine the things they say OFF-tape!

It’ll be interesting to see the Oval Office tapes of Dubya when *they* become declassified in a few years…



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