Holding nothing back…

My Razorbacks have a new head coach…

Posted on: December 12, 2007

University of Arkansas has hired Bobby Petrino (formerly head coach of the Atlanta Falcons) to be the new head coach of my beloved Razorbacks.

 I’m the first person to admit that I know next to nothing about Bobby Petrino.  I don’t watch professional football.  Can’t stand it, as a matter of fact.  Bunch of grown men getting paid way too much to play a stinking game that most of them don’t even play that well anymore!  It’s like when all the money got involved, they decided that playing *hard* was too risky.  The only thing I know about any team but the Arkansas Razorbacks is how they did in their last game against Arkansas!  If they haven’t played against Arkansas in the last few years, don’t count on me to know anything about them.  Yep, I’m that team-centric!

 So when I read that UofA had hired Petrino, I had to look him up because I’d never heard of him before.  The first thing I pulled up was this – Hall: No Respect for Petrino.  So I went digging a little further.  Now, I can’t blame Petrino for cutting out on his contract with the Falcons.  He went in with the promise of this supposedly phenomenal quarterback (Michael Vick), and that QB has spent the majority if the season in court and is now in jail for dogfighting.  Add the normal injuries to that, and then prima donna players getting suspended for several games (like the aforementioned Hall), and the Falcons didn’t even come CLOSE to delivering the team he was promised when he took the job.  Sure, Petrino probably could have done a better job of rearranging his players and recovering, but good grief!  Who could have gone into the year expecting to lose their quarterback on multiple felony charges?

So, Mr. Hall has no respect for Coach Petrino.  And the reason ANYBODY should care is???  Out of curiosity, I googled DeAngelo Hall.  He has a history of outbursts when things don’t go his way, several of which got him five- or six-figure fines.  This is also the guy that wore MV7 stickers on his cheekbones during a game the other night, in support of a convicted animal-abuser and killer.

 Sorry Mr. Hall.  I, for one, have no respect for you OR your opinion.



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